Practice Experience Note
Practice Experience Note
Taking this opportunity for creating the web-page of Empire Dental Clinic, I visited the clinic to undergo examination in order to see first-hand how it is being implemented in practice.
It was our first experience with such examinations, in addition to having an interview with doctors to collect key information that should compose the content of the web-page, such as the actual practice undertaken there and their policies for treating patients.
The following experience story tells you how the clinic treats the patients visiting there for the first time and what approaches they are taking in their practice.

1) Reservation for initial consultation

Consultation will be held upon advance reservation only. Please make a call and arrange an appointment convenient to you.

2) Filling out interview sheet

I was required to fill out an interview sheet first, because I visited the clinic for the first time.
I was asked to answer the questions about the symptoms I currently have, any other chronic diseases and allergic reactions.
Please notify the reception when you are finished filling out the sheet.

3) Interview with doctor (Consultation)

I was led to the consultation room. You can imagine a very quiet space like a home library.
In order for the patients to avoid getting nervous in a face-to-face situation feeling like having a job interview, doctors will be taking a seat next to them but at proper distance to capture them easily. Doctors will be hearing their concerns checking against what they claimed on the interview sheet. Please feel free to speak out anything about your concerns about your teeth there.
To design an appropriate treatment regimen, doctors will sincerely try to understand your problems and concerns as much as possible without interrupting you before you finish your talk.
After I finished talking about myself, the doctor asked me several questions about notes I had made on the interview sheet, but there was no difficult questions to answer.

4) X-rays

X-ray was taken to check my oral condition.
It went smoothly due to the good arrangement and civility by the responsible staff.

5) The 2nd Interview with doctor

I was scarcely back in the consultation room when I had found the x-ray images of my teeth displayed on the computer screen in the consultation room, which were taken less than a few minutes before, and looked over these images with the doctor. The doctor explained me in an easy-to-understand way what was happening in my mouth, using these images.

6) Examination

After moved into the examination room, the doctor (closely) examined my teeth.
For patients with severe pain, some emergent measures will be undertaken immediately.

The examination results suggested that I have periodontal disease. It is said that about 80% of male adults contracted the disease and I am definitely the one of them. Fortunately, my case is still in the initial phase and such periodontal disease can be cured if I would never fail to control plaque and keep my oral environment clean. However, the following was pointed out by the doctor: “You should be brushing your teeth in the same way as you wash the dishes”, that means, I dispense the toothpaste from the tube and move the toothbrush on the teeth vigorously like scrubbing only for 30 seconds, and finished.
When I was ashamed to confess that he was right, he started to explain how important the proper brushing is, why the dish-washing brushing leads to a drop of oral hygiene level, and what to do in an effective brushing to prevent and treat dental diseases.
According to him, brushing teeth meticulously taking a longer time for approx.10 minutes, taking air in the saliva and mixing it without using toothpaste should be the most ideal procedure.
The primary goal they pursue is to eradicate the cause of caries and periodontal disease and without reaching this goal, one must develop the same disease repeatedly even during the course of treatment or immediately after the completion of treatment.
To promote this understanding, he gave the above explanation in an understandable way to everyone.

After that, treatment should be initiated based on the mutually agreed upon regimen during the consultation.