Our treatment principles
We are not doing implants

There are many dental clinics mainly focusing on dental implants and with regular check ups, they are assumed to stay stable in your mouth in a long-term. However, in our practice, we will never come up with this solution, as we are committed to “protecting and maintaining your natural teeth for life” as our basic premise.
If one of your teeth has become loose and the root of the tooth has already been eroded by bacteria, extracting the affected tooth and replacing it with an implant might be an easier solution though, we take it on as our mission to help maintain your natural teeth as much as possible.
In certain cases, we have to adopt an alternate method such as artificial denture, bridge and crown (dental prosthesis) due to unavoidable circumstances. This is often a result from a various situations such as the loss of the tooth before the initial consultation, due to long time no dental check-ups or improper brushing of teeth.
For patients with such conditions, we are providing a sufficient explanation for the approaches we will be taking to seek and maintain a preferable oral condition. Even with dentures, conditions of the gums and the bone covered by the gums (periodontium) will be examined in order not to infringe the adjacent teeth and after the denture was put into the mouth, we will check again to make sure they are fitting well on the tissue.
The same procedure should be performed before bridging and/or putting crown on the filling.
No good prognosis can be expected without a work-up of your oral condition before putting artificial materials into your mouth.