To maintain your own teeth for life

Consultation generally means to counsel and/or deliberate, as well as to receive/give a diagnosis from/as an expert. In addition to these, what also matters to us is to listen to you attentively.
We believe that no proper treatment can be given without listening to what our patients say. We are responsible not only for relieving pain in teeth, but also for dispelling the concern and anxiety our patients have about their symptoms.
Whatever our patients speak out about their thoughts, concerns, lifestyle habits, etc. is the most important component of a well designed regimen for the treatment.
Your oral health can not improve without your compliance in your daily life.
However, we can understand that some unavoidable circumstances such as work-related and/or lifestyle-related matters may deter you from fulfilling your duties, though you know in heart the importance of sticking with a course of action.
Given above, it is able to offer you advice on customized instruction and maintenance (regular check-ups). Beside the examination room, we have an additional room for consultation in which you will find your self in a relaxed setting.

・Doctors on duty speak English
Both of two doctors on duty speak English. Staff members of various embassies, company expatriates as well as foreigners just traveling in Japan are also under treatment in our clinic.