To maintain your own teeth for life
Private Practice

Since the inception of our practice in 1964, we have been providing private practice only. Private practice is medical treatment that is not covered by Health Insurance, i.e., at patients’ own expense. In Japan, we have a universal health insurance system and most of medical cares are provided within a range which is covered by Health Insurance, which, however, concurrently imposes various restrictions on therapeutic measures and medical agents used in the treatment.
What we pursue in our practices is neither to fill the cavities, cure gingivitis, put artificial dentures nor to undertake implants, but to help patients find themselves in a condition of systemic well-being by promoting better oral hygiene.
Our commitment is to deliver a healthy oral condition toward a goal of a zero healthcare associated, in which our patients will not require any further practice of dentistry once individual treatment course is complete.
Applying the treatments that are covered by health insurance but concurrently impose various restrictions does not always allow us to provide individual patient with the best treatment options possible. We will never compromise our duties to deliver the highest standards of support to our patients for being healthy mentally and physically, by helping them improve their oral health condition.