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Koichi Kubo

Koichi Kubo

Biographical outline

Mar. 1993

Graduated from the Nippon Dental University

Apr. 1993

Started my career as a dentist at Empire Dental Clinic

Apr. 1996

Studied under Dr. Fred Hasegawa in Seattle, U.S.

Jul. 1997

Studied under Dr. Stephen Schwartz in Houston, U.S.

Yoshihiro Kubo

Yoshihiro Kubo

Under the instruction of my former teacher Dr. Darry Beach, I started the practice in a model office designed to provide the Japan�スfs first group practice in a sitting position, and now it spans 46 years.
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of our patients always with receptive attitude as well as those who are involved for their dedicated support.
Even though the position of hospital director has already been assumed by my eldest son Koichi, I will continue giving treatment to patients as usual.