All in the interest of comfort
Informed Consent

Doctors will give you accurate information about a treatment in order for you to decide whether or not you wish to undergo such treatment and give your informed consent for treatment procedures.
Accurate information includes:

1.Oral condition and cause of disease

2.Proposal on various treatment plans

3.Explanation for the risks and benefits of each treatment (physical and mental effects)

4.Cost estimation of each treatment

This process is intended for the doctor to give a sufficient explanation for, as well as for the patient to understand the proposed treatment.
Undertaking treatment without consent from the patient will result not only in troubles, but also in a damaging affect on the preventive/follow-up care after the treatment.
Even in case the patients are fully informed of the treatment by the doctor, some may encounter a disturbing situation in which they get nervous in a direct communication with the doctor so that not all the information can be captured or their questions can not be brought up even though they have some.
During this process of understanding, our staffs will have a consultation with you first and serve as a bridge between you and the doctor if any decision on treatment needs to be made by the doctor.
The collective staff member will support you in understanding the treatment accurately.