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Advance Reservation

In order to meet the demand of each patient, consultation will be held upon advance reservation only. It enables patients, for example, who are not able to visit us frequently (per month), to take some extended time per visit and reduce the frequency of his/her visit, or in the contrary, it is also possible to shorten the duration of each consultation while increasing the visit frequency. The schedule for consultation will be determined according to the request and convenience of each patient and thus, an optimal treatment is available on schedule without keeping you waiting in the anteroom and wasting your valuable time.
Our treatment operates on an intensive one doctor one patient system in which your doctor will concentrate on your treatment during the reserved time period.
Advance reservation enables provision of a well-designed, efficient and high-quality treatment to all patients.

Please feel free to contact us for your initial consultation at:
Tel.: 03-3356-2910
(Note1: This number is not intended for general medical consultation, etc.)
(Note2: For any changes required, please dial this number and inform of the change not later than 24 hours before the consultation)