All in the interest of comfort
Working in a four-hand system

Since we as doctors are required to be highly concentrated during the entire procedure owing to greatly precise manipulations,we are working in a thorough four-hand system in which one doctor and one assisting staff will take charge of one patient.
During the manipulation by the doctor, assigned staffs can arrange proper armamentarium and take actions for the next step, as they know all about the treatment flow. Taking an example of the manner of passing along armamentarium, they’d never be doing this before the nose of patients but hand it appropriately so as not to change the position of the doctor.
The more precise and fluent their performance is, the more precisely and fluently the treatment proceeds, resulting in a reduced burden on the patient.
They will sit aside the patients in order to catch their conditions of whether they perceive pain, feel tensed or strained.
We have also seen many patients in our practice, who are afraid of dental therapy. Despite our encouraging words saying: “It’s nothing to worry about, please relax”, some of them just begin to shudder at the sound of the treatment device, so it was always not that easy to get them completely reassured.
For such patients, we are asking to hold a pair of castanets in either of his/her hands and notify us by clapping them and making noises when feeling pain or fear, etc. which has proved to have a relaxing effect on such patients.
We have been thoroughly leveraging technologies that deliver the most effective and comfortable treatment to our patients by four hands of one doctor and one staff.