Welcome to the homepage of Empire Dental Clinic
Greeting from Hospital Director

Welcome to our homepage, I’m Koichi Kubo, hospital director of Empire Dental Clinic.
Looking back on my career as a dentist, I consider myself most fortunate in 1993, when I was blessed to encounter a wide range of good mentors and to study under them directly, coinciding with my graduation from the Nippon Dental University.
Through the lessons learned from Dr. Yoshihiro Kubo, the former hospital director of Empire Dental Clinic; Tsuneo Katayama, a dentist who is worshipped as a god in the treatment of periodontal diseases; Dr. Fred Hasegawa, who had been a master to rely on during my stay in Seattle in the US; and Dr. Stephen Schwartz, the former chairman of the American Association of Endodontists, I was taught to keep in mind and put into practice the following fundamentals:
・What is needed to maintain a full set of your own teeth in your whole life?
・What is the most innocuous treatment?
・What is the most suitable and desired treatment tailored to the needs of each patient?
・What is needed for the best practices?
To all the patients, we will establish an individual and evidence-based treatment course and initiate the treatment first after having discussed the therapeutic regimen with each patient and obtained the understanding as well as consent of patients on the regimen.
Even after the treatment is complete, we would be glad to further help you fix up the conditions of your oral environment to live a healthy life, by continuing the combination of self-care and professional care.

Our treatment courses and principles can be viewed by clicking on the links below.